Client: BHP Billiton Metaloys

Production Execution Superintendent:ELGEN

BHP Billiton Metalloys


During the 2015 ELGEN Shutdown period, a statutory pressure test will be performed on the steam drum. The drum internals must be removed for the pressure test, and reinstalled afterwards.


Scope Summary:

The detailed scope of work is as follows:


Removal of Steam Drum Internals for Pressure Test

  • Open the manhole covers
  • Receive the results of the gas test of the confined space
  • Remove individuals cyclones or drum internals
  • Clean door faces and replace gasket
  • Close the manhole doors for pressure testing
  • After completion of pressure test, open the manhole covers
  • Reinstall the cyclones or steam drum internals
  • Close the manhole cover
  • Handover to the client


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