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Client: ArcelorMittal South Africa

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Scope Summary:

The scope of work is to design, construct, commission Abatement of VOC Emissions. It is ArcelorMittal South Africa Vanderbijlpark Works, Coke & Chemicals’ intention to install a Volatile Organic Compound emission abatement plant on the tar plant of Coke & Chemicals which will abate emissions from 18 identified point sources combining in a ducting system to a Regenerative thermal oxidation plant (RTO) on plant which will abate the emissions to an acceptable environmental compliance of below 130mg/Nm3.


The new abatement plant and ducting system and connection to 18 point sources shall be designed, constructed, equipment installed, commissioned and handed over in accordance with ArcelorMittal South Africa Coke & Chemicals’ specifications and constraints stipulated in this enquiry.


Included in the scope are:

  • All Collection, ducting, piping and structural supports for the 18 off vents;
  • Thermal oxidation  complete package;
  • Safety instrumentation and analysers for ducting;
  • Civil works;
  • Ducting supports and oxidation plant/ stack area;
  • Electrical and instrumentation.


Details of the scope include:



ORDAINED TRADING shall be responsible for:

  • Collection, ducting, piping and structural supports if required
  • All Welding shall be ISO3834 compliant.
  • Provide all estimated tonnages and cost per ton of all steelwork, piping and ducting.
  • Ensure that all mechanical work meets the AMCC standard as stipulated in schedule M in the buying enquiry for the effective operation of the RTO plant.
  • RTO plant complete package. Supply technical detail on RTO operation
  • Electrical and instrumentation:


ORDAINED TRADING shall be responsible for the:

  • Design, supply, installation of all the electrical and instrumentation equipment necessary for the operation of the new RTO from the identified available 380V breaker in the 400 MCC. The drawing number for the 380V breaker to be used is V20E-000-00.001 which is included in the drawings.
  • Stipulation of the entire full load current ratings
  • Supply all the electrical drawings according to the AMSA specifications
  • Supply and installation of all earthing and bonding according to the AMSA standards, i.e. earthing of equipment to the plant earthing system, and the continuous binding of all ducting and joints. AMCC shall supply the existing earthing points drawing in which new earthing and bonding can be made. All eating straps shall be coated black.
  • Supply of all the Software for the PLCs.
  • Supply of the COC for temporary electrical supply during construction
  • Supply an I/O output card or equivalent for transfer of the operating parameters to the AMCC control room, which uses Honeywell software, including the interfacing. The following monitoring parameters must be shown: flow, pressure and temperature of the entire RTO plant.
  • ORDAINED TRADING will ensure that other monitoring parameters that are essential for the efficient operation of the RTO plant are also included.
  • Safety instrumentation and analysers for ducting.
  • FAT – the ORDAINED TRADING shall specify the place and time of all FAT for AMSA to take part or provide third party inspection.

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