Client: Eskom Duvha Power Station

Boiler Engineering


Scope Summary:

The scope of work is relevant to the following Unit 2 & 5 Boiler and Turbine drain lines:

  • Main Steam Leg drains (RA80)
  • Hot Reheat Drain Leg drains (RB80)
  • Cold Reheat Leg drains (RC81)
  • LP Bypass drains (RB83 and RB82)
  • Main Steam Leg Warming drains (RA82)
  • Auxiliary Steam Range drains (RQ83)
  • Superheater and Re-heater drain lines (NW)
  • Superheater and Reheater spray water supply lines (NW)


The following elevations surveys were conducted

  • Pre-Outage
  • Post-Outage


Once the normal FAC inspections SOW is complete for the above mentioned drain lines, a copy of the raw data from an interfacing contractor taking wall thickness measurements, must be supplied to Engineering in a presentable format to carry engineering work. This raw data will be supplied to ORDAINED TRADING. All engineering analysis will be based on the supplied raw data.


The following flexibility analysis will be conducted using raw FAC data:

  • Flexibility Modelling
  • Flexibility Reports
  • Drain line Support Schedules
  • Detailed analysis and recommendations


Unit specific detailed isometric drawings must be compiled as per Eskom’s requirements indicating the following:

  • Drain line support locations
  • Weld locations
  • Pipe material (All material verifications will be done by the contractor supplying FAC data)
  • All pipe dimensions (OD, ID, Length, etc). Outer Dimensions and wall thickness measurements will be conducted and supplied by contractor supplying FAC data)
  • All valve, bends and t-piece locations and specifications.


  1. Weld Identification on all drain lines as per FAC scope.
  2. Minimum wall thickness calculations for all drain lines including bends.
  3. Recommendations to minimize FAC on all drain lines, highlighting areas of deficiencies that must be addressed in future opportunity scopes.



  • All drain lines Elevation Survey Reports.
  • Flexibility Analysis reports.
  • Updating all drain line isometrics to include weld identification.
  • Flow Accelerated Corrosion degradation report (raw data will be provided by the FAC contractor).
  • Minimum wall thickness calculation versus measured wall thickness reports with recommendations.
  • Recommendations to minimize FAC degradation on the drain lines.

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